My appearance on ABC news!

I was featured on ABC local news in Philadelphia for a weight loss bet that I’m in with my brother. Check out the cameo appearance by the Beard Logo t-shirt. Watch out for the follow up in June.

Thanks to everyone for their support so far. Most of all I’d like to thank Taco Bell, without your support I never would have gotten fat enough to warrant a weight loss bet.


4 thoughts on “My appearance on ABC news!

  1. dude, awesome to see the logo on tv. good luck with the bet. oh and nice tennis skills too. they would have had a tough time getting shots of me playing tennis… i’d be all hitting it over the fence and stuff. unless it was NES tennis, i’m pretty good at that.
    disclaimer: faces of apathy may cause seizures

    1. I don’t know how to slow down the faces of apathy… should do daily mugshot as well…it’s really easy if you have a webcam.

      1. i’m too narcassistic to not to do this, so i think i’ll take your advice. how did you find about the daily mugshot ting? its a pretty sweet idea. i think it will work like the more pics you upload, the less seizurey it will be. i’m already starting to gray so it will be weird to see it in 5 years.

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