The Work of Comedy

I listenedd to a comedy interview with jerry seinfeld. He talks about going almost 18 months without a night off. That seems like madness, but it’s really just sparta.

I would say that i perform about 2-3 times a week, with 4 being the max. This includes open mics. I think I’m on the long train to failure with this approach.

If you’re reading this blog and you run a show in the tristate area go to my video page and watch the clips, and then, if you laugh a little, book me.

If you’re not someone who runs a show then keep reading. (this is a choose your own adventure blog post).

Here’s a another promise which will probably go unfulfilled, 2009 is the year to do comedy about 5 days a week.

This week I’ve got 2 open mics lined up and a show for some Brooklyn Law School students on Friday. I’m going to get out there and try to book more shows.


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